Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ideas, ideas, ideas.

Now dah jadi macam obsessive gila nak furnish and shopping untuk rumah. Takpe tak beli new dress or heels, janji rumah cantik dulu. Lol. :D

Anyway my mood board tak siap lagi, so I just conteng-conteng dekat gambar which I obtained it from Flickr.

Idea untuk living space. Cool gila.

Our storage room cum multi-purpose room memang so gonna have this pretty Grundtal wall shelf. :)

One way of decorating a room/space: use a wall deco (wall art/ picture frames) to enhance the room. brilliant huh? :)

photos courtesy: Flickr

Bila nak weekend ni. Tak sabar nak drill 'em hard (the walls of course). Lol.