Friday, January 7, 2011

Best way to describe Saigon (1)

Saigon might be awesome for most people but it was okay for us...


It was actually quite an unplanned trip for us since we really need a break so bad, more to a budget with all the oh-so-quick-thingy happens which lead in me quitting my last job (first the job application and the next day I scored the interview with 'em, went to the interview and the very next day I'm hired!). So I'm kinda pretty un-tuned with the whole situation. But I'm thankful to god, that jobs were lining up for Fabulous Floral. And yeah 2010 was pretty much an awesome year for us! :)

So few weeks before the trip to Saigon, me and husband (we) googled like mad about things we can do in Saigon. Heard shopping is the main attraction people coming down to Saigon. And boy they're right! Custom made outfits, Ao Dai, baju kurung, jubah, telekung, bags, designer's clothes, shoes, coffee and etc. were sold like mad here at SUPER CHEAP price. 

But one thing yang macam shocked us up on our day one at Saigon after the messy landing, thanks to our pilot...was the uber busyness of the street. Motorcycle/ scooter/ bicycle sentiasa ada on the road macam ikan bilis and literally like ALL THE TIME plus the honking and all. And yeah it does bug us up especially me husband, since we're so damn tired sebab restless the whole week before. Pity him. :D

Erk. I have job coming up right now. Will continue about it soon! In the mean time here are the things that we managed to captured on our first day at Saigon. ;)

Till then, enjoy you're weekend! ;)