Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Best way to describe Saigon (2)

After a while, I managed to ignore the honk but dearest husband was still...trying to adapt with it. And fyi, time flies so damn slow dekat sana. Macam rasa dah banyak stuffs both of us buat tapi sebenarnya baru 10 minit, 15 minit je. Sigh...

As for the rest of the activities that we did in Saigon were SHOPPING, bargaining, minum kopi (one of the highlight of our trip), jalan and jalan and jalan only. Apart from that, we're too tired to do anything fun macam nak tour to Hanoi or anything. Perhaps later we can go to Hanoi, perhaps-lah...

{Coffee presser, Vietnamese style}

{Complimentary drink, super wangi Jasmine tea}

{English breakfast, Vietnamese style}

Saigon Fun Fact:

1) One of the famous Halal Restaurant in Saigon (near Ben Thanh Market) is VN Halal Restaurant (They do accept Visa & Mastercard)

2) Coffee is the official drink of Saigon people

3) They had one of the best telekung sulam here (some say better than the Indonesian's one). Apart from that you can also buy baju kurung, jubah, kebaya (ready-made or custom-made) at super cheap price

4) Designer's clothes macam A|X, MNG, Zara, etc. are widely sold here at super cheap price

5) Do not be surprised if you rarely sees 'big' people in Saigon

6) Saigon (and Hanoi) is the best place to shop for fabric at super cheap price

7) Noodle and French bread are their makanan ruji

8) Saigon lambat an hour dari waktu Malaysia