Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 1

Hello dearies!

It's the first day of the 30 Days Photo Challenge and I'm effin' stoked about it. :)

Anyway here are 15 quick facts about me:

1. Married
2. Love accompanying my husband to gig
3. Engineer as my profession
4. "Floral designer-cum-event planner" as my passion
5. I'm currently into sewing and thrift shopping
6. I don't like buying expensive book
7. I'm a pain in the ass when it comes to eating medicine
8. I used to be a morning person but not exactly anymore now (thanks to me husband)
9. I love cards
10. Love tea but prefer coffee nowadays (maybe because of the smell of the coffee)
11. I love my cats because I think they're my children
12. I'm half predictable and unpredictable in life
13. I hate clown
14. Love, love, love clutch and heels
15. I'm a left and right brain person (balance dominance)

Till then, take care peeps! See you in Day 2. ;)