Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie: The Song of Sparrows

Watched this movie with me husband and, man! this is {one of a hell} good piece from Majid Majidi.

"Selected as Iran representative for Foreign film in 81st Academy Awards, The Song of Sparrows is not just another charming crowd-pleaser. It may not be just about the hazards of avarice, but it explores themes of modernity versus tradition with a soft touch, about not letting the things you possess, possess you, and creates a tale more resonant than most Hollywood children’s films covering the same ground. Filled with unforced symbolism of life, hope, and desire, the film's title is paradoxical as sparrows do not sing and it has been used, in a symbolic sense, to convey the desire people may have for what it is not even physically possible for them to achieve."