Monday, February 14, 2011

A date on Sunday

Lately I'm so ADDICTED to coupons and unbeatable deals. I used to had that addiction before, but apparently the old habit datang balik.

Well anyway, I "accidentally" managed to grab this amazing offer, a manicure and pedicure for only RM33 at Harmony Nail. And I bought it for 2 persons, with the thought of dragging me husband to join me as well. He did agreed and cool enough untuk buat all these beauty rituals with me. Thanks Sayang 'coz willing to be me BFF. Lol. :D  

The service sangat bagus, the environment sangat cozy and our manicurist sangat professional. And as for me instead of taking the basic manicure, I opt for French Manicure for an additional of RM10. Cool huh?

We then went out, with hands and feet looking like a million bucks. :D
So if you guys need the link to this deal, do click here. Hurry!

Till then, Happy Monday blues tomorrow! :D