Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brighton Beach

(Day 1 in Melbourne)

If you're in Melbourne for a holiday, please go to Brighton Beach! :)

We're still in Day 1 and we can't waste our time ber-jetlag in our room 'cause there are so many things to explore in Melbourne. So I texted Kayla asking her whether the nearest train station to Brighton Beach is still in Zone 1 and she said yes! Which is good for us since we spend most of our time in Zone 1 hence we bought the $7 daily rate Metcard (per person). And fyi the daily rate Metcard can be used either for their tram, train and certain bus services (if I'm not mistaken) in Zone 1. So you can travel all day long pergi sini sana with that one Metcard. ;)

To be continued...