Monday, September 26, 2011

The many colors of Prahran

(Day 1 in Melbourne) 

Since we arrived Melbourne quite early that morning, we had to wait for few hours before they managed to get us a room that I've already booked earlier. So we go jalan-jalan first and bought a prepaid SIM pack so that we can call back home, which thanks to Maxis for unable to provide us any cheap rates especially when travelling outside Malaysia. :(

Since we had good experience using Lebara service back when we're in London, so we intend to use it again when we're in Melbourne. The SIM pack can be purchased in any convenient stores in Melbourne like 7-Eleven for only $2 per pack. I think most prepaid SIM card pun cost around $2 if I'm not mistaken. However unlike when we're in London, the SIM pack does not come with any prepaid credit. So we bought ourselves the $10 prepaid credit. Hence I'm able to text Kayla that we've safely arrived Melbourne and she suggested us to go and visit Prahran which is just a walking distance from our hotel. :)

The $2.99 iced coffee that we bought at Aldi (their local supermarket). Damn sedap! Lagi sedap from Starbucks punya iced coffee. ;)

There's a saying that if you wanna know the local and the beauty of their place, go and visit their market! We did. :) And we've visited the Prahran Market. Honestly their market is just so beautiful and clean and teratur! My husband memang fell in love with this place/market. ;)