Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On our recent trip...

Oh my, I haven't updated anything on my last trip to London. Sigh! (-_-")
But I will get there once I've done reviewing my recent trip to Melbourne. Double sigh...

It was quite an unexpected trip for us. As usual...Tengok ada duit lebih sikit and agak² boleh gamble pergi, so terus grab the "supposedly to be cheap tickets" since my husband's an airline staff, so we managed to buy MAS return tickets using ZED (Zonal Employee Discount) fare for RM698/person including airport taxes. 

Tapi yang tak best if beli ZED fare tickets, your seat tak confirm. Meaning if ada orang last minute nak purchase the ticket, they can happily sell it to the person and push us to next flight or maybe sumbat us dalam mana² airlines yang collaborate dengan MAS. Biasalah benda murah dekat Malaysia...conditional banyak sangat. (-_-")