Thursday, October 13, 2011

2011 Top 100 Wedding Blogs

I'm very much involved in anything wedding nowadays. Just to feed me ( + husband's) satisfaction over, how should I say it...our previous wedding celebration where it's more like it's-not-our-wedding-but-theirs (the family) thingy. But I'd let go everything, few weeks before my wedding. Hence I'm married with an open mind. And praise to god, my solemnization and other wedding events went damn well. Our rezqi perhaps. :)

So as I googled around for more ideas and inspirations for my next client's event, I saw a list of top 100 wedding blogs for 2011. And the best part of it is most of the blogs listed there are definitely my ultimate references and liking which I always go oohh-la-la over their photos. ;)

(Click on photo and it'll redirect you to the website)

Friday please come fast, I wanna check 'em out one by one! :)