Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Recipe: Nei Urundhai (Simple Laddu)

Made nei urundhai for my mum today since she loves this manisan so much. :)

Nei Urundhai (Simple Laddu)


450g of Nei Urundhai flour
125g of Ghee
5-10 pcs of Crushed cardamom + 1 inch ginger (pound together)
40g of Cashew nuts
50g of Raisins/Mixed fruits


1. Toast the Nei Urundhai flour until slightly brown.
2. Sauté a bit the raisins/mixed fruits together with cashew nuts, crushed cardamom & ginger with a little bit of ghee and put aside. (Mix A)
3. Warm the ghee until it melts and put aside.
4. Stir together the flour and Mix A.
5. Add melted ghee and immediately roll the the flour into small balls.

Happy Diwali to my friends and family! :)