Friday, December 9, 2011


I have a confession to make... 

I super effin' love dresses! Who doesn't? Especially those from UNESTABLISH. And here are my 3 favorite looks from their collection. I called it the S.F.L looks! ;)

(S)weet: The KLING Dress Party Wave is the perfect dress to go out on a date with me husband. A sweet and decent but with a touch of sexiness at the right place are the perfect elements to be with your other half, be it day or night. *love*

(F)abulous: Being fabulous yet minimal at work with this KLING Tunic Dress Cleopatra really do the justice in enunciate the professionalism in you. And thanks god, my work doesn't require me to be that strict...

(L)et Loose: Once in a while, the need to let loose of myself is needed in order to achieve the perfect balance in life, just like this dress ([eve] Asymmetric Draped Dress). My kinda thing would be, a fun and shitty night out with me husband and our dearest friends, watching our favorite band in an ultimate crazy atmosphere!

So go to UNESTABLISH (and shop till drop!) if you're that ultra uber cool men and women!

Happy Weekends peeps! ;)

p.s. All the photos are definitely from UNESTABLISH website