Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recipe: Simple & Fluffy Pancake!

Fluffy stack of pancakes for dinner just now & we damn loved it! :)

***Sorry for the low quality photo shot from my phone

Simple & Fluffy Pancake for lazy me!
Recipe taken from: Joyful Abode


3 cups of flour
6 tbsp of brown sugar/ white sugar
1/4 tsp of salt
2 tbsp of baking powder
3 eggs
1/3 cup of canola oil/ sunflower oil
1 cup of milk (you might want to add a bit more so that you'll get the right consistency of batter)
1/4 tsp of vanilla essence


1. Combine flour + brown sugar + salt + baking powder.

2. In another bowl, combine eggs + canola oil + milk + vanilla essence.

3. Pour wet ingredients onto dry ingredients and mix well.

4. Add more milk until the mixture has the right texture for you.

5. Spoon your pancake batter onto a non-stick pan.

6. Enjoy your pancake!