Monday, August 27, 2012

Eid in the Park

Ramadhan in Melbourne has been good for both of us. Being a women myself, I've grown accustomed to fasting apart from the month of Ramadhan but not for most man, I think. But praise to Allah, it was an eased Ramadhan this time for both us. Maturity has finally kicked in, perhaps? ;)

When Shaliz told us that there will be Eid prayer in the park, we were so damn eager to be part of this event. I did a bit of reading about it and was surprised that it was actually a sunnah by our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to perform Eid prayer in an open space apart from in mosque which is very common in Malaysia. But we had a really great time though. It was a peaceful Sunday morning, in a luscious greenery, no words can describe how peaceful it was. And how great the feeling was to be able to enjoyed the many rezqi Allah has given us. My thought went to me late dad, my family & my husband's family. InsyaAllah, we have a really big plan for you guys!

Will continue with my Eid post very soon. I need to take a break for a while. Lol.