Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Grilled Salmon, Baked Potatoes and Dill Sauce

I think the ultimate perk of having a husband who loves (and rajin) to cook good food is that you can always be fed with good food. I am thankful to Allah! Definitely. I was born and raised in a family that loves to cook and eat and indulge other people with good food. Me dad was a really good cook. Ayam percik, nasi minyak, gulai lemak, you tell me, those were all beyond words to described. Me mum's too. Her sambal udang, orange cake, nasi ayam, etc. Those are definitely to die for! I maybe kinda bias here but both my sisters are too and my mother in law, she's brilliant! We're lucky that we know how to value food and eat, cook and indulge people with our cooking. 

So yeah, as of today, as usual me being the busy 'hungry' student and husband's being the usual ultra-rajin made this beautiful and ridiculously good dish, grilled salmon with baked potatoes and dill sauce. And I don't simply dig this sorta dish if we're out dining in some good restaurants or what. Simply because there are gazillions vegetables present in this dish and salmon being cooked with the existence of soy sauce. But boy I was wrong, it was beyond words! And again husband nailed it! Way, way, way better than what we had anywhere else. :)

I'm proud of him and I believed it does boost his confidence in cooking as well. I am his judge and also his lab rat, but I'm super fine with that. After all, cooking it's definitely a combination of having good skills, common sense & passion about it. ;)