Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tesselaar Tulip Festival

It was a good Monday morning to begin with and I chose to treat husband for a 'trip' to Tesselaar Tulip Festival. And the fact that they have Monday Madness where the ticket price to be $10, apart from the normal rate which is $18. I know I sounded cheap, but wth I'm a student! Lol.

So it took us an hour plus from Southern Cross Station to Lilydale Station and then we need to board a 663 bus from the Lilydale Station to Monbulk Road where the festival is located. I've bought the tickets online already so we don't need to queue up or anything. Went crazy with the beautiful tulips, had picnic and all. And we met Kak Erin as well! Aaaahhh it was great! We will definitely come again next year, InsyaAllah. :)