Monday, February 11, 2013

Australia Day in Melbourne

It has been sooooo long since my last blog post. I need to have a system. I really need...You know just like those rajin bloggers who keep you updated with their blog post and doesn't miss any days. I wish I can be more like them. But most of the time I'm not. The only thing that keeps me discipline is when I'm on deadline. Other than that I'm easily distracted and start to create a pile of (not-so-important) things to do. Oh my...Lol.

Alright! Just to warm me up, I'm just gonna share the photos of what we really enjoyed the most on the last Australia Day celebration in Melbourne. The weather was a bit gloomy at that time but nonetheless, we've got Mr. Jimmy Morrison and his band to serenade us with his jazzy tunes. We've got this lovely lady who sang beautiful songs for us. Apparently I can't remember her name. Sorry love...And then we've got the super-trio from Victorian Opera. Beautiful voices! It was really great and we had a good time celebrating the twenty-sixers too! 

Watching Jimmy Morrison definitely made me miss the whole lots of JB Jazz Band in Hutan Bandar. Aaaahhhh good memories back then. :)