Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fabric hand-printing my way!

Phew! At last I'm done with  fabric printing for my group members of Handprinted: A Fabric Swap III challenge. I had an amazing time despite having wasted few meters of fabric beforehand. Hahaha. Anyway it's gonna be a busy day for me at the post office tomorrow, as I'm yet to send out all the parcels for my lovely Rita, Ira, Angela, Jennet, Amy and Rachael. I'm such a queen of procrastination! Sigh. 'Nuff talking and let's talk about my way of doing the fabric painting shall we?

I know there are lotsa tutorials out there for fabric printing and one of the best method is the silk screen printing, where the fabric paint will come out smooth and perfect on the fabric. But apparently I'm a bit lazy to make my own screen so I opt to use a store-bought stencil (got it at cheap price from Spotlight!) and tape it on a piece of baking sheet paper. Creative right? Haha. I then used a sponge roller and roll the fabric paint onto the stencil gently. The result...just perfect! And if you ask me how do I feel about the outcome of it, I must say I'm pretty impress of myself too. Haha. 

Thought of doing more fabric painting for my upcoming flea market event lah. What do you reckon? ;)

P.s.: Crossing my fingers, hoping the ladies will love the fabric as much as I enjoyed doing it! :)