Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tuesday Things

They say everything needs a system, so I guess the same rule applies to blogging as well.  So here I am inspired by few of my favourite bloggers, I'm planning to blog a post. And I'm gonna call it 'Tuesday Things'. So here goes the list:

1. My bookbinding class was super fun. All of my students were awesome! Including the Laneway Learning gang. More photos to come.

2. Watched Norma Jean last Sunday. Front row as usual. Crazzzyyy! And what's with being too 'polite' Aussie kids? ;)

3. Democracy in Malaysia is officially dead. Sad but true. :(

4. I'm currently busy sewing (my ass-off) preparing goodies for upcoming Blackbird Market in Fitzroy!

5. I cooked confit chicken with Chinese stir-fried vegetables and couscous yesterday. Simply stunning! But I wasted almost a bottle of extra virgin of olive oil for this. Oh wait, food is cheap here!

6. I got melancholic thinking about Malaysia. And I've been listening to Butterfingers a-lot! Because we've just found out that JB HiFi NOW has Butterfingers almost-full album in their collection. Haha.

7. I talked in front of youngsters just now about CHANGE. Refreshing! And I met more wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Malaysians. Thank you Samantha (from SBS) and the other two ladies from JOM Magazine for quoting my words and thoughts.

8. And I have to start doing my projects, as in my study. Bugger!