Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melbourne and Coffee

Coffee in Melbourne is one of the world's best and lovingly prepared, and Melbourne itself is one of the biggest coffee importers in the world! So now you know how important the coffee is to fellow Melburnians. Haha. To be honest I myself is not a really a coffee drinker, but my husband is. And he's a hardcore one and not a poser, obviously. Not that I'm being bias or what, but he drinks coffee like it is his lifeline. (-_-")

Anyway in Melbourne, good coffee comes with good food, friendly baristas/all-rounder waiters or waitresses, awesome track lists and beautiful decors. At least. Hence it's our duty to venture all these amazing cafes/coffee places and taste the 'beauty' of Melbourne. And I must say, a year here is still not enough to cover all of these cafes in and around my neighbourhood, let alone the whole Melbourne!

So we've made a list of coffee places that we should go and boy, we're still far from over! Broadsheet Melbourne and Timeout Melbourne really know their things and we owe them, big time! But, still, here's the list of some of the highlights in our life, be it good coffee and good food or any one of them. :)

**Note that the list of the coffee place is not in (any) order or ranking

Top Paddock, Richmond
What else can we say, awesome coffee, awesome food, love!

Market Lane Coffee, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Great coffee, one of the best. And don't forget to try their lovely almond croissant with strong latte.

Market Lane Coffee, Prahran Market, South Yarra
Hands down, one of the best coffee in Melbourne!

St. ALi, South Melbourne
Great coffee!

Proud Mary Coffee, Collingwood
Best coffee in Melbourne 2012 goes to them. Slightly over-rated nowadays, nonetheless they have great coffee, good food and it's just behind our house!

Three Bags Full, Richmond
Awww, we love them! Great food, awesome chocolate brownies, good coffee and milkshakes.

South of Johnston, Collingwood
They have the best sauteed mushroom ever! Nice coffee and beautiful food. This one's also just behind our house. 

Cafe Rosamond, Fitzroy
Cute lil' cafe, good coffee and nice food!

De Clieu, Fitzroy
Friendly baristas, love their coffee and hot chocolate!

North Carlton Canteen, Carlton North
Awesome food, great cafe, good coffee!

The Little Mule, Melbourne CBD
We love this cafe, not over-rated at all and they have nice sandwiches, chocolate drink and coffee too!

Manchester Press, Melbourne CBD
Great bagels! Kinda hipter-ish and over-rated. But good coffee nonetheless.

Plantation Coffee, Melbourne Central, Melbourne CBD
If it's rain outside, go to Plantation. Good coffee and awesome chocolate drink!

Industry Beans, Fitzroy
Beautiful cafe, great food and great coffee!

Babka Bakery, Fitzroy
Great food and good coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. We really love this tiny cafe/bakery shop!

Hammer and Tong, Fitzroy
Great crab burger! Good coffee!

Brother Baba Budan, Melbourne CBD
Great coffee but over-rated, over-rated, over-rated!

Hardware Societe, Melbourne CBD
OVER-RATED! Big time! Good coffee.

Thousand Pound Bend, Melbourne CBD
This place is so not-over-rated! Cheap coffee/iced chocolate but good!

Padre Coffee, Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne CBD
Nice coffee, good location.

Mina-no-ie, Collingwood
Good coffee and beautiful Japanese 'simple' food!

Little Bean Blue, Melbourne CBD
Good coffee and latte.

Nice coffee and iced chocolate.

Arcadia, Fitzroy
Nice coffee.

Nice place to have coffee after a great bowl of curry laksa! 

Chez Dre Patisserie, South Melbourne
Vast selection of baked goodies, good coffee but slightly over-rated.

Great breakfast menus and good coffee!

Federal Coffee Palace, Melbourne CBD
Okay coffee at Bourke St.

Krimper, Melbourne CBD
Our new profound place. Love their food and coffee and iced chocolate!

Mr Tulk, Melbourne CBD
Good coffee and really nice salted caramel macarons!

Sensory Lab, Melbourne CBD
Good coffee but it's just not for us.

Mister Close, Melbourne CBD
Nice place to have coffee and good chocolate drink!

Brunetti Cafe, City Square, Melbourne CBD
Strategic location, nice baked goodies and coffee.

Good place to hang out with nice coffee and macarons.

Birdman Eating, Fitzroy
Nice food and drink.

Okay place to hang out and drink coffee.

Everyday Coffee, Collingwood
Nice cute lil cafe with good coffee.

Monsieur Traffe, Collingwood
Nice chocolate and chocolate drink.

Great brunch menus and good coffee!

Storm in a Teacup, Collingwood
Specialise in tea but they have nice coffee as well.

La Niche Cafe, Fitzroy
Great omelette and good coffee/iced chocolate!

Larder Section, Melbourne CBD
Nice coffee and really good rosemary lamb sandwich!

Agent 284, Collingwood
Nice chocolate drink.

Nice place to hang out, okay coffee.

Where A Girl Goes, Collingwood
Beautiful place to have tea party with girlfriends! Good tea and coffee too.

Cambridge Cafe, Collingwood
Worth mentioning this one. Cheap and awesome sandwiches and beef ragu with jasmine rice. Good coffee and iced chocolate drink too!

Common Galaxia, Footscray
One of the winners of Australian Interior Design Awards. Good coffee but okay food. Still long way to go for them, apparently.

Luxbite, South Yarra
Love their macarons and fancy sweet goodies! Nice coffee too.

Good macarons, nice cake, nice coffee and chocolate drink.

Chokolait, Melbourne CBD
Chocolate pavlova and their chocolate drink is really good! Nice coffee too.

Cupcake Central, Melbourne Central, Melbourne CBD
Beautiful cupcakes and nice coffee too!

So far I can only remember these cafes but I'll add more if I've missed any. More cafes to hop on btw! ;)