Monday, June 24, 2013

Road-trip to Mornington Peninsula

It's been a year since we last drive a car and we're doing pretty good commuting around with public transport and bicycle. And best of all, we're loving it! But in order to get around regional Victoria, we really need a car to visit their beautiful places. So when Thrifty sent me a coupon code, I instantly booked a car for our quick trip to Mornington Peninsula, which is an hour or so from Melbourne CBD. And to make things worse, I got a test on the very next day. (-_-")

Rye Pier

Rye Pier

I cooked Prawn marinara spaghetti beforehand and we had our little picnic at the Rye Pier.

Sorrento Ocean Beach (back)

Coppins Track, Sorrento Ocean Beach (back)

London Bridge lookout point where we managed to see a whale passed by. Best experience ever!

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