Monday, July 22, 2013

Desserts Overload

Monday, my favourite day of the week. Okay, I lied. Any day is good for me. 

Yesterday I got carried away in the baking department. Instead of  baking or making one dessert for me and husband, I made three instead. THREE! That's a record! And no, I'm not making it for any makan-makan session with friends here. Just me and husband. Should I say sigh? Having said that, here are my three desserts:

Eton Mess. A classic and traditional English dessert originated from the 19th Century. It's a pure pleasure and super easy dessert that you can make in the speed of light which you only need berries (it could be any), crushed meringue (I used the one I made before), mixed berries sauce and good ol' freshly whipped cream. And best of all you will, after all, voluntarily wanna make everything from scratch, from the mini meringue to the whipped cream. So if you wanna do it on your own, please refer to Baked Bree's Eton Mess recipe. It's bloody easy! :)

Second dessert I made last night is Honey and Lavender Cupcake with Mixed Berries Coulis and Freshly Whipped Cream. I got the recipe for the Honey and Lavender Cupcake from Better Homes and Gardens website. Do give it a go as the recipe yield a very good lavender cupcake. But one thing that I tweaked from the recipe is that I infused the lavender seeds/edible lavender flowers in the milk for half an hour to 'soften' the flavour of the lavender in the cupcake. Trust me, it works! As for the mixed berry coulis, I just use frozen berries (not in season at the moment) and couple of tablespoons of sugar and let it simmer on medium heat for a minute or two.

And last but not least, Honey and Lavender Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting. This is easy stuff as I used the same cupcakes from the second dessert but I whipped a really good and not to sweet vanilla bean frosting. With that you gotta applaud my ultimate star for last night, which is the lavender flowers I got from Gewurzhaus. Check out their website if you wanna get good, premium herbs and spices for your cooking and baking. And no, I don't get any endorsement for promoting them. Haha. Cheerio!