Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Dearest Husband!

Sharp at 12.01 am in the morning, 7th of July 2013, this is what I wrote in my Facebook's wall:

"Salute to the one and only man in my life, after me late Dad. Love you and hope god will bless you and us with good things in life! Thank you, thank you for being the biggest fan of me as I am to you. Happy 32nd birthday and keep on rocking Love!"

So again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAREST HUSBAND! I bet you're wiser and funnier when you're with me than before no? Hahahaha. :)

Anyway couple of hours back before his birthday celebration (and it was only with me, mind you), I seriously don't know what to bake for him and just kept googling for good but simple recipe as I have no clue what to bake! So when I walked with him before he took a tram to work, husband suddenly requested that he wanted "everything chocolate" cake. So, poof! I knew exactly what I wanna bake for him. Grin. Hence with clear goal and high hope, I then baked him this, the "everything chocolate" cake, which is my interpretation of his wish. Hahaha.

The cake's pretty much made from my favourite chocolate cake recipe, icing from Lauren's Latest and heaps of Maltesers on top of it. And oh, since I made Pakistani Biryani together with the cake, I'll post the recipe very soon as I got few people asking me for the biryani recipe already. :)