Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Hobart!

We're here in Hobart, Tasmania, for our...god knows how many umpty-umpth times hornymoon and wedding anniversary celebration! Haha. Anyway winter in Hobart is pretty gloomy but the scenery is so beautiful especially in areas where we're staying, which is in Battery Point. The cottages, the calmness of the city of Hobart, is exactly what we're needing right now, but only for a short period of time I think. Haha.

Jackman & Mc Ross Bakery/Cafe in Hampden Rd. Nice place, good baked goodies too. 

Goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelised onions with etc on Danish for me and poached egg with caramelised onions and etc on organic toast for husband. The food is good but presentation wise, might need some magic touch onto it.

Quite cheap and good almond croissant but can't really beat those almond croissants that we had in Melbourne before.

Jackman & Mc Ross Bakery/Cafe in Hampden Rd.

Hampden Rd.

Our beautiful and clean studio apartment for the next 3 days.

St Ives Apartment, Battery Point, Hobart.

And we're cooking too! For our #thecookingproject :)