Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuesday Things #6

1. HOBART.  That's all I'm gonna talk about in my Tuesday Things this week. Haha.

My Tuesday (and husband's as well) was very well spent at Hobart, Tasmania, a gorgeous city that's not really far from Melbourne...literally an hour flight from Melbourne with flight ticket that can be as low as $40 per journey per person from any cheap airline flying off from Melbourne. Promoting much ey? Haha. Anyhoo, while I'm typing this blog post, both of us are still stuck in Hobart Airport, thanks to Tiger Airways. What should be a flight flying to Melbourne at 7.45 pm is currently rescheduled to 11 pm! So I pretty much got heaps of time to update my blog lah.

It's actually a city escapade for both us, as husband has worked his ass out for 10 consecutive days and I pretty much lepak at home, doing nothing on my semester break. Haha. Okay back to Hobart, I know the best way to travel around Tasmania is by renting a car but knowing us, we're too lazy to drive around and we're pretty much comfortable roving around cities in Australia by public transport or private entourage. And speaking of our itinerary this time, it's perfect for laid-back people like us. :D

Hobart City Escapade Itinerary

Day 1: 
  • Reached Hobart via Jetstar flight at 6 am. 
  • We then took airport shuttle to Hobart city via Hobart Airporter and cost us $30/person for return trip. 
  • Checked in at St Ives Apartment for 2 nights. We took the studio apartment with kitchenette for $99/night. The room is so clean and love its perfect location!
  • Walked around Sandy Bay Rd and Hampden Rd before we stopped at Jackman & McRoss for a quick and decent breakfast.
  • Walked to Woolies (10 minutes walk), shopped some stuffs, cooked lunch and sleep. (-_-")

Day 2:
  • Woke up early for our Mt. Wellington express tour. Cost us $25/person. Great service, friendly and informative tour guide and Mt. Wellington just plain amazing! Too bad the weather was a bit gloomy but still, seeing Hobart and some parts of Tassie from the second highest point in Tasmania, just AMAZING!
  • Dropped off by the tour guide at Hobart CBD, so we then strolled around snapping photos, eating fish and chips, munching Valhalla's yummy ice cream and having decent coffee at Tricycle Cafe, in order to sambung nyawa my husband only. Haha.
  • Walked around Salamanca Place, Kelly Steps, Battery Point and Hampden Rd. 
  • Dinner at Magic Curries at Hampden Rd and we had beef vindaloo, prawn burada (cooked in coconut milk, cashew nuts paste and their own homemade cheese), keema naan and pista kuhfi (pistachio ice cream). Good and yummy food! And I personally loved the keema naan and prawn burada. 
  • Sleep!

Day 3:
  • Checked out from St Ives Apartment at 10 am.
  • Walked straight to Henry Jones IXL Building. Had decent coffee, yummy Valhalla's macadamia nuts ice cream and truffle chocolate at Jam Packed Cafe.
  • Walked around Salamanca Place a bit more before we headed straight to Jam Jar Lounge at Hampden Rd for a cup of coffee, my dose of caramel milkshake and Japanese beef curry. 
  • Took the airport shuttle back to airport and now we're still waiting for our flight back to Melbourne.

Here are some photos that we've snapped while strolling around Hobart City. And heaps more in my Instagram page.

Breathtaking view of Hobart city and some of the regional Tassie from Mt. Wellington.

The private conservatory at Mt Wellington.

Heading back to civilization.

Hobart CBD.

Franklin Square, Hobart CBD.

Hobart CBD.

Youngsters playing chess at Franklin Square, Hobart CBD.

Constitution Dock.

Salamanca Fruit Market, Salamanca Market.

The Henry Jones IXL Warehouse Factory.

The Henry Jones IXL Warehouse Factory.

Kings Pier Marina.

Kings Pier Marina.

Jam Jar Lounge, Hampden Rd.

Beautiful Hampden Rd.

Hampden Rd.

Hampden Rd.

Cottages and Hampden Rd.

An hour and 20 minutes to go. Wish we can board our flight as per scheduled. We're missing Melbourne already.