Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tuesday Things #7

1. I know it's a bit weird to say this, but I'm all geared up for my next semester. I'm feeling inspired to write my final project thesis! Haha. Hope my enthusiasm will last until the very last day of my next semester. 

2. I didn't sew anything this semester break. Sigh. 

3. I got a bucket list of things to cook and bake, as usual. And now, not to have to rely on natural lighting is fantastic! Cheers husband for 'belanja' me the light tent. Hahaha. 

4. I'm converting myself from "quick and toss" to "gourmet". Will talk about it very soon. Stoked!

5. I got my last semester results already. Alhamdulillah! Hope Allah shall ease my study for upcoming semester.

6. I love cooking with husband but I'm annoyed with his time management. Hahaha. Anyway husband suddenly wanted to make these last Monday, roast beef with veges and homemade Harissa sauce; fresh salad with fennel, coriander, mint, pomegranate and toasted pine nuts in it dressed with olive oil and fresh lemon juice; spinach, tuna and ricotta cannelloni; and mini meringue with orange sauce, orange curd, pomegranate and toasted almond. Love!

If you need the recipe to any of these, let me know and I shall blog about it very soon. Cheers and happy upcoming weekends guys! :)