Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Spring Has Sprung!

The Spring is here! As much as I'm happy to welcome the spring with open arms, and the fact that the sun is shining longer than before, I gotta be honest to you that I've missed winter already. :( 

Husband at East Melbourne Library, nearby our house. 

Victoria Parade - tram stop nearby our house, circa 1980s.

RMIT University, City Campus (Swanston St).

LuxbiteN2 Extreme Gelato collaboration project. Me and husband are the first ones to taste this amazing creation - Deconstructed  Kaya Toast.

Weird but beautiful looking plant - according to Murni from Mimpi Murni, this is Bells of Ireland.

Blooming flowers at East Melbourne.

Love-shaped latte made by husband.

No more gloomy - Atoms for Peace vinyl.