Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Water Daily

*This is definitely an unpaid post*

I'm not the biggest fan of drinking plain water and I know that. The idea of gulping 2.5 liters of plain water throughout the day is kinda..an unpleasant one. Hence my body suffers the consequences of my laziness and I learned the hard way, trust me on this one.

But I sorta got a revelation a week ago and drinking 2.5 liters or more of plain water is not (actually) that bad. And with the help of Water Daily app in my phone, things got pretty easy. It's just the downside of drinking too much plain water is the frequent of me going to the toilet. But then again, not being able to pee at all is unimaginable. So I still am grateful to Allah for being able to pee normally. Count your blessing peeps!

[I have 5 hours to go until my bedtime & another 20% (500 mL) left until I achieve my goal for today]

So here goes the link to the free app of Water Daily >> click here. If you're lazy like me, please, please, drink your plain water!