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What is the Technology?

 What is the Technology? 

Technology is the application of human scientific knowledge to repeatedly create various practical purposes in human life, in short, to achieve them in a reproducible manner. When we think of the word technology, when we look at modern society, we think of various types of modern technology devices and tools like smartphones, laptops, tabs, smart watches, etc. We use technology in practically every aspect of our everyday lives, including work, communication, education, transportation, manufacturing, business growth, data security, and a wide range of other activities. Numerous firms use technology to stay competitive, develop new goods and services, and provide those goods and services to their clients on schedule and within their set budgets. The term technology includes both tangible tools such as equipment or machines and intangible tools such as software. A formal definition of “Technology” is unclear since it might relate to tangible items that humans use, like machines, hardware, or devices, but it can also cover more general concepts like systems, original methods, and procedures. The phrase may be used broadly or concerning particular industries; examples are "construction technology", "medical technology", and "advanced technology". Technology is a branch of human understanding that includes devices, components, and systems. Technology application frequently yields products. Human benefits from technology when it is used wisely, but sadly, the opposite is true when technology is used maliciously.   

The subject of technology can be considered in several different files. Numerous ways exist in which technology has impacted society and its environment. Technology has aided in the advancement of many civilizations' economies, particularly the modern global economy, and has facilitated the emergence of a leisure class. Many modern activities harm the Earth and its ecology by wasting natural resources and producing undesirable by-products, also known as pollution. Different technological applications have an impact on a society's values, and emerging technology frequently poses fresh ethical dilemmas. Examples include the challenge to conventional norms and the rise of the idea of efficiency in terms of human productivity, a phrase that was previously only ascribed to machines. Technology plays an important role in engineering and everyday life. It also makes us think about the development of technology in the world of data or engineering technology. Sometimes it refers to a broader idea of how a species uses and understands tools and crafts and how this impacts how a species may manage and adapt to its environment. It’s a result of science and engineering in human society, even though these two ideas were predated by several technological developments. Advances in technology have led to significant changes in society. The everyday problems faced by people living in the past have been creatively solved today through new technology. So we can consider this as a narrow scope.  


Definition of Technology. 


Technology is the result of applying scientific knowledge to real-world situations. People’s efforts to develop new ideas and more effective methods of doing things have led to the development of many sorts of technology. Technology is continually developing intending to simplify processes for humans. For instance, communication is facilitated and improved via the internet. There are traditionally six major categories of technologies are: 

  • Communication Technology 
  • Construction Technology 
  • Manufacturing Technology 
  • Energy & Power Technology 
  • Medical Technology 
  • Transportation Technology 

However, a single piece of technology frequently crosses over into other fields. 


Six major categories of Technology. 


Here are six different technological categories, each with an example: 


  1. Communication Technology. 

The act of exchanging, expressing, or disseminating information and ideas through writing, speaking, and gesturing is known as communication. Another way we can explain communication, the goal of communication is to create an understanding between two or more people through sharing information in the form of thoughts, views, and ideas. Any technology used by humans to communicate with one another is considered to be communication technology. The telegraph and Morse code are two early examples of communication technology. Several examples of more recent communication technology are provided below. 

  • Internet  
  • Mobile Phones  
  • Television  


  1. Construction Technology. 

Construction Technology refers to the state-of-the-art equipment, tools, modification, software, and other device used during the construction phase of a project, including semi-automated construction machinery and to improve field construction techniques.  

  • 3D Imaging 

  • Reality Capture 

  • Video Documentation 


  1. Manufacturing Technology. 

Manufacturing technology refers to methods and procedures aimed at enhancing the caliber, productivity, and practices of manufacturing. It includes quality assurance, shop floor management, inventory management, employee training, and manufacturing hardware and software.  

  • Tailors 

  • Shoemakers 

  • Bakeries 

  • Automotive Companies 



The study of devices, tools, systems and technologies that conduct electrical charges and generate electricity is known as electrical technology. Modern technology frequently makes use of electricity. Electric voltage systems and each of their parts, such as heaters, motors, circuits, and generators are maintained by experts in the field of electrical technology.  Here are a few instances of electrical technology.  

  • Computers  

  • Software  


  1. Medical Technology. 

Although technology is employed worldwide, it is particularly crucial in the medical field because it has helped save millions of lives. Numerous examples of medical technology may be found in the two primary categories of diagnostic and treatment. 

  • MRI Scanner 

  • Heart Monitors 

  • Diagnosis 


  1. Transportation Technology.  

The tools, advancements, and procedures used to transport people, animals, and cargo around the world are included in the field of transportation technology. Transportation technology supports movement on land, in water, the air, and even in space by using vehicles and infrastructure like highways and railroads. 

Land: Subway, Automobile, Electric Bicycle 

Water: Commercial, Cruise Ships 

Non-vehicle: Pipelines, Conveyor belts 

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